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4 Natural Ways To Enhance Male Potency

There are several known factors that contribute to impotence. Some of these factors include emotional and physical disorders and some medical conditions like endocrine diseases (particularly diabetes), neurological and nerve disorders (brain or spinal tumors, etc.), taking certain medications (beta-blockers, like metoprolol or carvedilol) and cardiac-related conditions (high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure). Other causes include lifestyle changes or emotional disorders and age.

According to a study by The Merck Manual, 50 percent of men between the ages 40 to 70 experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. From time male, potency has easily been remedied by using medication. However, there are other natural ways to improve impotence which will especially benefit people who are not comfortable with using pharmaceuticals or those who cannot bear the side effects of medications. So if you suffer erectile dysfunction, and you want to try to treat it using natural ways before turning to pharmaceuticals, then see the below natural ways to increase male potency.

4 Natural Ways to Improve Male Potency

1. Make some lifestyle changes

Making healthy lifestyle changes can help increase an individual’s potency. According to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC), the first and least presumptuous way of treating erectile dysfunction or impotence in men is to lose weight, quit smoking and begin a healthy exercise routine. On many occasions, these healthy lifestyle changes have been enough to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

2. Reduce your anxiety levels

Anxiety can contribute greatly to the problem of erectile dysfunction. Finding ways to reduce one’s anxiety levels is an excellent way to treat impotence naturally. The Ohio State University Medical Center insists that those affected should try relaxation breathing, or receiving a massage from their female sexual partner, as well as practicing yoga or meditation. As these are natural ways to enhance potency by relieving anxiety.

3. Go for psychotherapy

Book an appointment to see a therapist so as to discuss any psychological or emotional issues that might cause anxiety thereby reducing your sexual performance. Doing this can give you more confidence in your sexual abilities by helping you realize you are normal. A therapist can assist in determining if the affected individual is having relationship problems which can lead to impotence and provide him with ways to solve these issues.

4. Use a constriction ring

Try using a constriction ring if you can sufficiently achieve an erection but you have trouble maintaining it. Place the constriction ring at the base of your penis. This will stop blood from moving out of the penis once an erection is achieved and also help you last longer during sexual activity.


It is also important to note the chances of men who have more education to experience impotence are very slim. This is probably because they live healthier lifestyles on average. It is important to treat impotence as it often has an adverse effect on one’s sexual life, and it can cause depression, stress, and low self-esteem.For more information on natural ways to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction see the links below: