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Mind, Body, Spirit Healing versus Traditional Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis

“Psychology” is the blend of two terms – study (ology) and soul (mind), or brain. The induction of the word from Latin gives it this reasonable and evident importance:

The investigation of the spirit or brain.

This significance has been changed throughout the years until today, this is not what the word implies by any means. The subject of brain science, as contemplated in schools and colleges, at present has next to no association with the psyche, and literally nothing to do with the spirit or soul.

Understand that words and thoughts should allude to something. “The tree in the yard” alludes to a real thing that can be seen, touched and experienced. “The strolling his puppy at sunrise” alludes to a real occasion that can be seen, watched and experienced. The domain of psyche is a genuine domain that can be experienced, and at one time there were words that precisely alluded to this domain.

Word references characterize “Mind” as:

The soul or soul.

The human personality.

In analysis, the brain working as the focal point of thought, feeling, and conduct.

Word references characterize “Soul” as:

The profound or eternal components in a man.

A man’s mental or moral or enthusiastic nature.

Conventional psychotherapy/analysis neglects to address the immeasurably imperative relationship to one’s actual profound nature.

Conventional profound practice frequently sidesteps – and consequently neglects to change – the mental restrictive examples and oblivious convictions that emerge from our own histories and adjustments.

In cutting edge psychotherapy we treat manifestations since side effects can be measured and distinguished, or so it is guaranteed by conventional advanced restorative and psychiatric practices.

Along these lines Emotional Pain is depicted as far as manifestations – Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Self-Esteem issues, Mood Swings, Compulsive Behavior, Chronic and Acute Fear, Self-Injury, Suicidal Thoughts, Shame, Guilt, Eating Disorders, or Addictions) does not recuperate itself. Time, relational unions, kids, achievement, riches, purchasing a greater house, or quicker auto, changing occupations or moving won’t CURE it. The harm is at times profound, pervasive and significant. It is a spirit harm. The individual has been burglarized of his or her respectability, center character and trust.