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Natural, Simple Ways To Protect And Improve Your Smile


There are a number of natural, easy ways to create and maintain a brilliant, beautiful smile. Taking good care of your teeth usually goes far beyond simply brushing and flossing. For a bright, white, brilliant smile and no plaque or strategies, you can often find many of the tools and resources you need, right in your own home.

Start using a natural toothpaste rather than one that’s heavily laden with a number of unrecognizable chemicals. Although fluoride has long been known to protect and build the teeth, this is a mineral that is best obtained in small amounts and through your regular diet. A topical application of fluoride will actually seal the teeth off from important, enamel building nutrients. Keep this in mind the next time you’re offered a fluoride treatment during you regular cleaning.

Read up on the mouth cleaning and enamel building benefits of xylitol. This is a simple sugar substitute that is quite a bit different from the table sugar you’re used to using in your food. It is derived from natural, hardwood trees, or at least it should be. Some xylitol manufacturers have taken to making this product from corn. With real, hardwood xylitol, however, you can prevent the formation of cavities and you may even be able to help small-sized cavities heal on their own, without the need for metal or tooth-colored fillings. Preserving your own natural teeth is the first and most important step in maintaining an incredible smile.

Real hardwood xylitol has the ability to instantly restore the ideal pH to the mouth interior. When people consume highly acidic foods, this loads the mouth up with sugars that harmful bacteria can readily consume. Feeding these bacteria is the surest way to promote decay and to increase tartar and plaque. Xylitol clears these food sources out so that mouth bacteria actually starve.

Another popular and all-natural strategy for protecting and building the teeth is to oil pull with a high-quality, organic oil such as sesame seed oil, coconut oil or even olive oil. When you oil pull, you are drawing trapped plaque and bacteria up from beneath the gum line. This is a natural and effective way to both prevent and treat gingivitis and even more advanced gum disease.

To get started, place about one teaspoon of oil in your mouth. Sit back, close your eyes and focus on vigorously swirling the oil around the mouth and through the teeth. This is best done immediately after flossing so that you aren’t stuck with large bits of old food and so that the oil can easily pass between the natural tooth structures. After fifteen to twenty minutes have passed, spit the oil out, brush your teeth and then rinse with warm salt water.

Be mindful of the fact that brushing and rinsing causes tooth enamel to temporarily soften a bit. Thus, you should avoid being too hard on the natural tooth structures at any point in your self-care routine. Make sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and to only floss with wax-covered floss swords or dental floss.

If you have any missing or badly damaged teeth, consider some of the replacement solutions that are offered by cosmetic dentistry. These include dental implants, veneers, caps and bridges. Not only will replacing missing tooth structures complete your smile, but it can also minimize wear and tear in other areas so that your own, natural teeth last far longer.